What to Know About Penis Enlargement and Augmentation


Developments in medical techniques and cosmetic procedures have been notable in recent years, in particular where male enhancements and treatments are concerned. In this article we are looking at the subject of penis enlargement and why it is important to some men. We will also talk about the procedure, how it works, and what the benefits may be should you choose to undergo such as procedure. Let’s begin by looking at why many men are choosing to undergo such a procedure.

Why Do Men Want a Bigger Penis?

If you are reading this, then the chances are you are considering having your penis enlarged. You are not alone, as it is a procedure that many men are choosing to undertake. The simple fact is that while you may think your penis is too small, you are probably worrying about nothing. Yet that’s not the point.

Even a perceived small penis can lead to a man being embarrassed about his potential sexual performance. There are in fact many cases where a man finds it difficult to pleasure a partner sexually due to size differentials. Being unable to do so – or even simply believing this – can affect a man’s mental health quite considerably.

Before we move on, we should say that when we are talking about enlarging the penis, we are generally referring to the girth, rather than the length. Here ae a couple of numbers for you: the average length of an erect penis is little more than 5 inches. The average girth is around 4.5 inches. Remember these are averages, so there will be perfectly operating penises that are bigger, as well as smaller!

So, let’s assume you are interested in enlarging your penis for whatever reason: how is it done?

How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Modern techniques in penis enlargement use one of two methods, and sometimes these are combined in one routine. The methods are PRP – Platelet-rich Plasma – and dermal fillers. The beauty of each of these is that they are quick, safe, and largely non-invasive. Let’s talk in more detail about PRP, and why it is important not just in penis enlargement but also in cosmetic routines generally.

PRP is also known as the ‘P-shot.’ To understand how it works, we need to talk about what your blood consists of. Blood has many components, the main being cells and platelets. It is the platelets we are interested in. These are a miniscule component of blood, yet platelets have an interesting and important function: they inspire and aid growth in cells, and also improve blood flow.

Here’s how the PRP process goes: a qualified medical professional will take a sample of your blood. This will then be put into a centrifuge and spun at a specific speed for a set time period. This separates the platelets from the cells. The platelets are then harvested for us in the P-shot. The penis will be numbed with a cream and the platelets are injected back into the penis.

Now, we know that platelets enhance growth of cells and improved blood flow. You now have an over-abundance of platelets in the penis. Therefore, improved blood flow and cell regeneration are to be expected. Your blood is ‘platelet rich’ in that area. This will help the penis grow as new cells are added and will also aid your erection which is caused by improved blood flow.

Some clinics will also insert FDA approved dermal fillers as well as applying the P-shot, so that you get the best of both of these treatments. It is quick and practically painless and may last up to 9 months or so when you simply go through the process again.

Before we look at the benefits of penis enlargement we want to stress that as PRP uses only your blood as a component there is zero chance of contamination and apart from soreness where treated for a day or so afterwards there are no reported side-effects to the routine., Let’s now have a look at what benefits you can expect to see when you undergo the penis enlargement routine.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement

Most men who choose the penis enlargement route are lacking in confidence. This not only affects their sex life and relationship, but also brings with it often serious mental health issues that can lead to depression and social anxiety. Here are a few of the notable benefits of undergoing the safe and successful penis enlargement routine:

  • Regained confidence and better sexual performance which is a benefit to both you and your partner
  • A bigger penis in terms of girth and sometimes in length
  • More robust and long-lasting erections
  • More sensitive feel from the penis when engaged in sex
  • Natural enhancement of the penis

Put simply, whether you genuinely do have a smaller than average penis or you simply perceive that you have, this safe routine will help restore your confidence and improve your sex life and relationship.

Remember, it’s safe and proven and uses only your blood and/or FDA approved dermal fillers. Furthermore, the procedure is only minimally invasive, virtually painless, and can be performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner in around one hour in total. You will feel the benefits almost immediately, and it will last up to 9 months and in some cases a year, after which you simply have the treatment again. So, our final words about whether or not you should have your penis enlarged.

Should I Have My Penis Enlarged?

Whatever your reasons for wanting a bigger penis you must always consult with a medical professional before choosing to go ahead. Difficulty getting an erection, for example, can be indicative of many conditions that may need alternative treatment.

The first step is to book a consultation at your local clinic where the procedure is performed, and the consultant will want to know about your medical history and lifestyle before recommending you for the penis enlargement routine. We hope we’ve helped you understand what to expect so make that appointment now and look forward to regained confidence and a better sex life.


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