Why is the New Generation is Getting Hooked on Nicotine Vape?


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Vaping or e-cigarettes have become a common replacement for traditional smoking practices. The common reason behind this is the individual’s desire to eliminate their smoking addiction. However, alongside this, there are other factors as well that have led to the rising popularity of nicotine vape devices among the new generation.

The 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey documented that e-cigarettes accounted for close to 78 percent of high schoolers in 2018. The following years have also maintained the enthusiasm for vape use among adults and youngsters.

This article will, therefore, trace the factors that have contributed to the popularity of nicotine vapes among the new generation.

Why is Vaping Popular Among Youngsters?

Below are some known factors that have given rise to the use of nicotine vapes among youngsters.

  1. A Safer Option

As said before, today’s youngsters realize that vaping is a far safer option in comparison to other traditional modes of smoking. A regular tobacco cigarette has close to 7000 chemicals in it. The inhalation of these toxins regularly eventually leads to life-threatening and irreversible medical conditions.

While vaping is not entirely safe, it is still a better option than smoking. Most people turn to nicotine vapes to get rid of their smoking addiction. It is achievable because vaping offers consumers the same kick and feel as traditional smoking.

However, it is safer because it introduces users to fewer toxins due to lower levels or concentrations of nicotine.

  1. A Wide Range of Flavor

Smoking the same old woody and burnt flavor of cigarettes or tobacco has made the youth detached and uninterested in its use. The new generation needs something new, and this change is brought about by the flavored nicotine vapes available in the market.

Almost every vape brand available in the market has its own list of customized flavors designed to meet consumers’ taste preferences. One popular player among these is Esco Bar flavors. From fruity to icy, this brand offers flavor options for every taste profile.


Numerous reports suggest that most youngsters are hooked on fruity or minty flavors such as Cotton Candy and Candy Crush, Mango Berry Ice, Gummy Bear, Icy Mint, and more. When it comes to finding a wide variety of flavors, many consumers prefer to buy VG liquid vape juice online, which allows them to explore a diverse range of options and discover new and exciting tastes that suit their preferences. Thus, fruity-flavored nicotine vapes are in more demand than classic tobacco-flavored cigarettes.

  1. As a Result of Friend’s Influence 

Reports have claimed that nicotine vapes are very common among middle and high schoolers. The spread of its use is attributed to the influence and interests shared among a group of friends.

Any non-smoker surrounded by vape enthusiasts eventually gets influenced to take up the practice due to being around them.

A primary reason for youngsters using nicotine vapes is a desire to become an integral part of a particular group. Every youngster wants to be a “cool kid.” Seeing their friends use vaping device, they find the activity a way of gaining acceptance.

  1. The Influence of Popular Culture

There is no doubt that youngsters have forever seen their idols in famous movie stars and the characters played by them. Most of these youngsters are influenced and wish to be like these characters. Thus, when a scene of their favorite star puffing a nicotine vape is shown on screen, they also take up the practice.

Vaping has become a common element in most movies and TV shows today. Traditionally smoking and cigarettes were used to add a sense of glamor and mystery to a particular scene or character.

But, the torch has been handed out to nicotine vapes over the years. The products of reckoned vape brands like Esco Bar and Hyde vape have established their prominent place in popular culture.

Countless films and shows such as Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Mare of Easttown, True Detective, and more have had scenes where one or the other character was seen puffing nicotine vape pens. Most of these characters have played a huge role in turning youngsters towards vaping.

  1. Affordability and Longevity

Most youngsters are school-goers with no steady source of income. Traditional smoking results in heavy expenditures as they are not stable and durable.

Thus, youngsters look for an option that will help them save a significant amount by lasting long. This factor is taken care of by nicotine vapes.

One pen lasts longer, becoming a cost-effective option for young people.

As a bonus, these vapes are readily available at pocket-friendly rates.

With advancements in technology, most things are made available to us online. The same goes true for vaping devices. The young generation mainly purchases them from online disposable vape store, where they can choose devices based on their taste preferences, battery capacity needs, and budget.


Vaping has become a new trend among youngsters. It is a safer choice with less nicotine and tobacco content than traditional smoking.

However, one must understand that excessive use of anything can be hazardous to health over time. Thus, minimal and controlled use of nicotine vapes will provide you with the desired hit while ensuring safety.


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