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Not too long ago, our own Auntie Agatha put together 10 rules for nursing students. We asked you about your own rules for nursing students from your own experience and got some great answers on Facebook!

Take a look at 10 of them below, and be sure to leave your own in the comments section!

“Be humble. Not one of us knows everything. A humble nurse is a far safer nurse than an overconfident one.”
—Deanna Morley

“Please, for gods sake, don’t worry about getting a freakin A. Not one interviewer will ever ask what you got on your biology final.”
—Patricia Shipman

“Don’t let the nurses who were working longer then you intimidate you. They need to help and remember they were new once also. No question is a dumb question.”
—Mandy Ehrhart

“Don’t be so task-oriented. Think about why you are doing what you are doing. Theory is extremely important. Also, evidence-based nursing is how to practice. Just because a nurse does it a certain way may not always [mean it’s] the correct way. Also question and learn.”
—Julie Maldonado

“Ugh…doesn’t matter if you’re an A student or B…you don’t know crap when you graduate. Your first job means everything!”
—Leslie Nicole

“If you don’t have a SENSE OF HUMOR, drop out now and save your time and money!!!”
—Thomas Landers

“Not all old nurses eat their young.”
—Betty SweetpeaShiner Hames

“Be better than them….keep your private life PRIVATE, and kick butt.”
—Karen Sue Foster

“Time management is KEY to surviving and avoiding burnout, use your resources (LVN, CNA, MAs), and learn from your mistakes. You will make A LOT of them in your first year or two. Hopefully they will be little ones that do not affect pt. Own up, brush it off, but LEARN from it.”
—Catherine Dow

“Whoever said it’s too late to ask questions once you’re an RN, that’s rubbish. I ask questions every day and I’ve been nursing for five years.”
—Phoebe O’Neill


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