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Raising Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

Many people know someone who has or had cancer at one point in their lives. Because it’s such a terrible, debilitating disease, it’s tragic when a child is diagnosed. Unfortunately,…

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A List Of Rules For Nurses… From 1887

“Any nurse who smokes, uses liquor in any form, gets her hair done at a beauty shop or frequents dance halls will give the director of nurses good reason to suspect her worth, intentions and integrity.”

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The History of Nurses Week

Mike Singer, CEO (Cherokee, Dickies, HeartSoul, Disney, ELLE) greets President Ronald Reagan at the White House in 1988 Nurses Week, as we know it today, started in 1982, when President…

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Nursing

Nursing is a vastly complex career, and a career in nursing can often be totally stressful and hard to manage. There’s so much to remember, so much to do –…

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