4 Digital Tools Nurses Can Leverage for Their Next Job Search


Burnout and stress have become prevalent across nurses in the US, and this has contributed to their decision to leave their jobs. According to an Incredible Health survey, 40% of nurses planned to pursue a nursing role elsewhere in 2022. This was motivated by factors such as career advancement opportunities, an improved schedule, and working at their preferred location.

That said, a 2021 Sensor Tower report noted that job search and career development apps collectively saw an increase in installations within that year. This was because candidates believed that said tools could help them make their next career move. Now, considering that the number of nurses who will be looking for new jobs is quite high, it’s crucial to utilize new technologies that can facilitate a more successful job hunt.

In this article, we list down four digital tools that you can leverage on your next search:


Although AmericanMobile.com is primarily geared towards travel nurse professionals who wish to connect with employers, the site likewise has an option for different nurses who want to secure permanent jobs. Listings are streamlined on the platform. You can personalize your search according to contract length, discipline/specialty, location, start date, and shift. This enables you to quickly identify postings that you’re interested in. Apart from that, the website is also equipped with a Career Development section—providing you with information on topics like how to become a neonatal or pediatric nurse.

Now, as career expert Andrew McCaskill recommends, it’s essential to set up job alerts. This way, you can get notified for nursing positions that match your preferred location and salary expectations. Luckily, AmericanMobile.com also offers a mobile app called AMN Passport, which lets you receive job match notifications that fit your interests.


As our post ‘Navigating the Nursing Job Market’ pointed out, you should highlight your certifications and skills in your resume—especially since 63% of recruiters give preferences to documents that are tailored to the position. Similarly, ensure that your cover letter conveys subjective information like your previous accomplishments as a nurse, or how your values align with the position you wish to apply for.

Besides that, this document should also help employers contact you. As such, a signature is a critical component of a great email cover letter. This is a concise and straightforward way to share contact information like your phone number or home address, ensuring that hiring managers and recruiters can easily connect with you. To imbue your cover letter with a personal touch, you can utilize digital signature services like Eversign. The tool allows you to choose among a wide range of fonts or upload a PNG image of your existing signature. With this, potential employers have a convenient way to get in touch with you as you apply for nursing positions.

Talview Candidate app

According to our referenced post, a great nursing job interview can positively impact the success of your job search. To prepare, review common interview questions and create thoughtful responses that emphasize your skills. One helpful tool that you can use is the Talview Candidate app, which you can seamlessly download on your mobile device. The app offers a technological-advanced virtual environment that allows you to conduct online mock video interviews, and subsequently, sharpen your communication skills.


According to a 2023 Avant Healthcare Professionals article on nurse staffing, the notable incline of nurse job openings in 2022 will continue to grow this year. Because of this reality, you have the chance to really comb through listings and pursue different roles. That said, if you find yourself overwhelmed juggling multiple applications, then consider utilizing a list-making app such as Trello. With this tool, you can create a card for each employment opportunity and arrange them according to which job stage you’re on. You can likewise streamline your schedules and sync your interview assignments with Google Drive. All these considered, Trello helps you keep track of your progress through various nursing job applications.

Digital tools are a great means for nurses to optimize their job hunting and secure their desired positions. So on that note, consider utilizing the ones this article has listed above.


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