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My name is Megan Gilbert. I am a 29-year-old third year nursing student at Purdue University Calumet. I have been married to my wonderful husband Scott for eight years and we have two beautiful boys; Reece and Mason. We currently reside in Northwest Indiana in the town of Schererville, which is about 40 minutes outside of Chicago. I love spending quality time with my family and l also enjoy singing with my local church. In addition, one of my favorite things to do in my down-time is blog and read blogs.

10 ways to spot a nursing student

10 ways to spot a nursing student

Here she comes…all dressed in white! No, not bride-zilla…worse. A Nursing Student! Me! And I find myself doing the same exact things that I thought were hilarious when my sister was in nursing school.

Student nurses: How to make the best of your summer

Student nurses: How to make the best of your summer

Now that school is out for the summer, it’s time for some much needed R&R. Here’s how to reconnect with your friends, your loved ones and, most importantly, yourself.

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5 best hand creams for nurses

Continual hand washing can take quite the toll on our skin. Here are a few favorite lotions to help repair dry and cracked hands.

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Lipstick stat!

Mascara can make any nurse’s sleepy eye look at least half opened. Lipstick enhances our smiles, which are a big part of who we are.

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Who the heck has time to volunteer?

Here’s are five reasons why you, busy nurse that you are, should take some of your precious spare time and use it for the greater good.

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Marriage and the nurse

Why do nurses in particular struggle with their relationships? Here are tips to help create and keep a healthy partnership.

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The plastic surgery debate

Should nurses indulge in a bit of body tweaking? Or should they recognize the inherent risks and stay away?

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Perfect eyebrows in 10 minutes

You may have little time to get ready before your shift, but you can still make your brows look terrific in minutes. Here are tips for finding your natural arch, then a 4-step guide to painless and perfectly tweezed brows.

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A foot pampering guide for nurses

We nurses tend to spend most of our shifts on our feet, and that can take its toll. Here’s one great home pedicure that’ll make your feet feel like new.

WATCH: See me, nurse

WATCH: See me, nurse

A short video that has made quite an impact on this new nurse…

Respecting our elders

Respecting our elders

I’ve heard other nursing students say things like, “Ugh, I hate old people,” or “I never want to get old. Old people are gross!” What people don’t recognize is that this is going to be us one day.

It’s a new year!

Christmas has come and gone. All that work and it is over so quickly. This is usually quite a depressing time of year for me, but this time it is different. Another year has passed us by and for me that is good news!

Where Do I Go?

Do nurses always know what type of nursing they want to do? Is there a proper place to start? I often wonder what doors will open when I graduate from nursing school.

10 Things I Want After Graduation

10 Things I Want After Graduation

It’s been years in the making, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Here is a list of what this nursing student would like after her graduation!

Tips to help with holiday stress

The Holiday’s are coming! The Holiday’s are coming! Stressed out? Here are a few tips to help ease the stress.