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Mia has had the soul of a nurse since birth. She has spent the last decade honing her inherent skills of promoting healing, health, and happiness. Mia has experience in cardiac telemetry, orthopedics, and is currently working at a preventative medical clinic in New York City. She is especially interested in using language, honesty and human connection to inspire, motivate and ignite conversations which afford patients (and nurses!) an opportunity to create their own unique paths toward better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Q&A: “I’m terrified of nursing school debt…help!”

“College has been way more expensive than I thought. Do you have any advice for a new nurse struggling with finances?”

Q&A: “How can I stop gaining weight in nursing school?”

“As a junior in nursing school, I am 15 pounds heavier than freshmen year. How can I get back down to normal with such a busy schedule?”

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Q&A: “I’m worn out and unsure if I really want to be a nurse. Help!”

“I want to go out with my friends and enjoy the best days of my life. Instead, I am tired and worn out and feeling unsure about my decision to be a nurse. What should I do?”

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Q&A: “I can’t stop stressing about my nursing future!”

Welcome to the Age of Anxiety! Here’s how to deal with nursing school stress…

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Q&A: “Can I handle a relationship in nursing school?”

“I am happy working hard for my career, but I have met someone who I really like. I want to date and get to know him, but I’m afraid it will take away too much time from my studies. Can I have both?”

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Q&A: “How do I cope with my classmates’ post-exam angst?”

“After our nursing exams, all my peers get together and talk about the answers in the hallway. When the exam is over, I just want to leave but I feel stuck in the middle and it makes my test anxiety even worse! Help!”