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Nicole Lehr is a pediatric nurse. She can be described in three adjectives: content, thankful and fortunate. All credit for the aforementioned description can be given to the love she has for her profession as an RN. She graduated from University of Florida with her Bachelor’s in Nursing and moved to Atlanta to work at the Cardiac Stepdown Unit at Children’s — her dream job.

Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Good Nurse?

Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Good Nurse?

It’s more than brains and a caring heart. Take a crack at these questions to see how you rate.

You know you’re a pediatric nurse when…

You know you’re a pediatric nurse when…

25 funny, and moving, reasons that show you’re meant to be in pediatrics.

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18 love notes to nursing

Note #7: Ever cried at the mailbox? I did, after opening up a handwritten thank you card from the parents of a child that had passed away.

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8 true definitions for “RN”

Rescue Ninja? Rockstar Nanny? How do you define “RN”?

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What’s in a year?

In the grand scheme of things, 365 days is a negligible amount of time. But looking back on the past year of experiences can be an eye-opener.

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How do I deal with working holidays?

Heading into work while your family gathers for the holiday? We’ll help you cope.

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Thank you for the memories

When the doctors can’t save the patient, the nurse’s job begins.

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Through the eyes of a patient

Have you ever wondered why certain patients act the way they do around nurses? Why some are pleasant and cooperative and some are disrespectful or difficult to engage?

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A nurse explores some hilarious home remedies

Vagisil for sunburn?! One more ridiculous than the next, these home remedies for common ailments will have you laughing while peaking your curiousity…

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A spiritual answer to “why patients die”

Although his time spent on earth was limited, it was fulfilled with love, happiness, optimism, wisdom beyond his years, and strength. And God decided that he could continue doing his good from heaven.

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Welcome to high school, I mean work

Do you ever wonder if the people who surround you at work have grown up in maturity?

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The dark side of the shift

Nurses: You can jumpstart your circadian rhythm to allow for easier transitions from the normalcy of day shift to the non-so-routine night shift.

The 3 big myths about the dreaded Joint Commission

The 3 big myths about the dreaded Joint Commission

Rumors linger that similar to a college hazing period, if you can get through a Joint Commission visit, you can officially be an RN.

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The profession with no excuses

It’s time to quit griping. If you don’t like being a nurse, change what you’re doing. That’s the beauty of the job.

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Do nurses really know everything?

Although it sounds as though I’m complaining, I do feel truly honored that my friends, family, and complete strangers trust me and ask my advice.