Five Advances in Biotech


Technology is changing just about everything in our lives. Advances in medical biology are coming faster than ever before. There is no shortage of different ways that health, medicine, and our approach to biology is changing. Whether you’re interested in tech or not, the advances in medicine will save lives and provide health and longevity.  It’s an exciting time to be alive. Technology will augment every aspect of human existence. As time goes on, we will live longer and healthier lives. Below are five advances in biotech that will help make that happen.

Tech Wristband Analysis

These days, you can wear a wristband that can analyze your vitals, blood pressure, burnt calories, sleep recovery, and much more. This product allows people to monitor their health, exercise, sleep, and heart rate. It gives the average person the chance to take their health into their hands and change their habits. While this technology is new, it is reasonably affordable. A lot of people can afford to strap one of these tech wristbands on and analyze their health when they’re working out, drinking alcohol, or sleeping. It will provide information that can be used to better your life!

AR & Remote Surgeries

Augmented reality (AR) and 5G internet are making remote surgeries possible. Nowadays, with the help of technology surgeons can be in one place and their patients can be in another. Surgeons can control tools accurately and precisely with augmented reality. AR is the combination of the intangible world and the tangible one. This means that there can be digital projections on the tools and patient’s body to not only direct movements but to be more precise. Technology is improving surgeries in all kinds of ways, but now surgeons don’t even need to be in the same room.

Single Cell Omics

With the ability to interface with large sets of data easily, single cell omics has become a mainstay of biomedicine and bio-tech. Single cell omics is when biologists work with the RNA sequencing of a living organism using only a single cell. This provides the opportunity to analyze the genome of an individual. This improvement in biotech will help scientists and doctors cure and treat diseases, find solutions to biological problems, and discover new genes. Single cell omics will become an even more central part of medicine and biology.

3D Printed Organs & Prosthetics

3D printing has become a viable way to produce medical tools, and even human body parts. There have been successful 3D printed organ transplants. Prosthetic limbs can also be 3D printed. It’s an incredible feat. It’s now possible to design body parts on the computer, make them tangible with 3D printing, and put them on or in the human body. Time will only tell just how much 3D printing will come to improve medicine but one thing’s for sure. Doctors will be able to treat patients more effectively and provide solutions to difficult problems.

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Finally, one of the most impactful pieces of technology is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is when a computer is programmed to teach itself how to do and learn new things. With AI, the sky’s the limit to human potential. Not only can AI teach itself new things, but it can also take in large amounts of data quickly and analyze it effectively. It’s no wonder that this technology is now being used in medicine.

For example, a patient’s medical history, genetics, and lifestyle can be greatly analyzed, graphed, and displayed in a simple way with AI. It can break down all kinds of health issues and ways that the patient could improve their health. AI will show us just how unhealthy or healthy we are, which could help us make better life choices, get ahead of disease, and find effective treatments.

Technology is a part of nearly every aspect of our lives. Of course, it is a part of our health and medicine. Tech is not just providing new solutions and treatments; it is helping us get ahead of our health and treat patients more efficiently. Whether you are excited about all the changes technology is resulting in or are nervous about them, one thing is for sure. Medicine and biology will be greatly enhanced by all the capabilities it provides. It’s vital to think about how we can best use technology to our advantage and avoid it when it causes detriment.


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