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High School Teacher Put on Leave for Discussing the Prostate During Anatomy Lesson


It’s common medical knowledge that males have prostates. This small organ, which is located between the penis and rectum, can provide sexual pleasure when stimulated. But you might get in trouble if you try telling that to a room full of high school students. At least that’s what happened to Judy Rehburg, a teacher at El Dorado High School in California. She was put on administrative leave after a video of her classroom anatomy lesson drew controversy online.

In the clip, the educator can be seen discussing sexual pleasure as it relates to the prostate. She also talks about how sex toys can be used to stimulate this part of the body, and that these items can be purchased at major retailers like Target.

Expose Them on Twitter: “High school teacher at @eldohawks explains to students why sodomy is pleasurable and why sex toys available at Target are designed a certain way. “You don’t actually have to go inside the booty hole, you can just push on the seam…and they apparently really like that.” The…” / Twitter

The release of the video, which now has over 1.5 million views, sparked criticism from concerned parents who don’t want their children to learn this information in school. They filed a complaint against Rehburg, which resulted in her being placed on leave.

However, many people came to the teacher’s defense on social media by saying that anal sex and the prostate should be discussed as part of human anatomy and sex ed. Her defendants are even using the hashtag #freejudy online to prevent her from being fired.

“El Dorado High Schools Anatomy Teacher, Judy Rehburg, is now being held against her educational teachings due to the conversation about s3x toys and pleasurable areas. This is simply educational and others who believe this is irresponsible and disgusting, need to grow up and learn for themselves,” the account @freejudy posted on Instagram.

“For crying out loud. Let her do her job! She was my son’s teacher, and she’s a great one!” wrote one commenter.

“As a former student of El Dorado, I have to say this is absolutely ridiculous. Judy is an admired and well-respected educator. If you’re not comfortable with your kid participating in this class and learning about sexual health in a safe environment, then don’t put them in the class. Simple as that. But with technology these days, kids have unlimited access to ANYTHING right at the palm of their hands,” wrote one former student.

“Parents are more okay with students learning how to ‘survive’ an active shooter than know the anatomy of their own damn bodies,” said another. “Judy was one of my favorite teachers in high school, a real one who cared about all her students. This was in no way encouraging any behavior, it was informative. They asked a question she answered. Plain and simple.”

The school district said it is still investigating the matter.

“District employees are trusted to exercise professional judgment when deciding whether or not a particular issue is suitable for study or discussion,” Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District spokesperson Alyssa Griffiths told the Orange County Register

“In the classroom, employees act on behalf of the district and are expected to follow the adopted curriculum, and they should not advocate personal opinions or viewpoints. With that being said, PYLUSD and EDHS will continue to work diligently to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to learn in a safe and respectful environment.”


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