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ANSHI All-Natural Topical Rubs


ANSHI and its line of fast-acting all natural topical rubs were created by a mother at her daughter’s bedside at Rady Children’s Hospital and is a fantastic gift for those interested in total wellness. The line of fast-acting topical rubs with uses spanning health and beauty, ANSHI products are made with a base of 100% natural, top 14 allergen-free ingredients. The rubs are made with just five food grade-level ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin E oil and beeswax; and then each one is customized with a single-source ingredient like ground turmeric, aloe vera gel or an essential oil like lavender. The complete line of products, including Classic Pink Salt, Total Healing Turmeric, Detox Aloe, Nurturing Peppermint and limited-edition Soothing Lavender, can be used as a topical dry rub, shower scrub or bath soak; each works rinsed off or left on. They’re incredibly versatile.



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