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Manta NAP Arc


Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers work very long shifts. Help them get the much-needed rest they need on their break! With NAP Arc, the ergonomic power nap pillow designed for their desk, they can take a well-deserved nap when they are on break. Nap Arc is crafted for comfort and designed for quick setup, easy adjustability and ergonomic support.


Its intelligent arc design means they waste zero time finding the right position for the quick, easy rest they deserve. NAP Arc has an ultra-soft, stable structure that optimally supports their head and neck — so they wake up with zero neck strain. And adjusting the height is easy: pull the strap to increase it, tug at the G-hook to decrease. It also features premium, high-quality materials and a reversible cover — so they can always switch to the cool side of the pillow, just like at home. The cover is also machine washable! Retails for $75.


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