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Tikva by Panaxia Pharmaceuticals


Tikva is unlike any other CBD brand on the market due to its pharmaceutical DNA – all Tikva products are manufactured by Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries – a world renown Israeli Pharmaceutical company with over a decade of clinical research in cannabis.


Our bath bombs are small-batch and handmade with either a lavender or eucalyptus scent and essential oil. These 4.5 oz bombs are 125mg each and powered by CBD made by our exclusive manufacturing partner, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals. This bomb has been formulated to ensure the bomb spins and dissolves effectively, leaving no ring in the tub.


Tikva is setting a new standard for the CBD industry with indication-driven products based on and backed by science and clinical research. All Tikva products are made in pharmaceutical conditions to predetermined specifications, making Tikva products safe, consistent, efficacious and properly dosed.  We are raising the bar for the CBD space through our proprietary formulations and delivery methods and by producing Tikva products to the same pharmaceutical standards as over the counter medicines.


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