How to Prevent Injuries at Home?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), injuries and falls at home are common among children and seniors. Every year, there are millions of injuries reported from households. Some of those injuries can be fatal, resulting in countless trips to the emergency room and hospitals.

While our homes are places of safety and comfort, they also are sites for potential hazards. Some of the most common accidents occur within the house, outside the living space, or on the playgrounds. The good news is that those injuries and risks can be avoided by taking some proactive steps.

Below are some tips on lowering the risk of accidents and injuries with some essential strategies.

Remove any clutter- The first step is to keep the living space free of any obstacles and clutter. Every family member should be encouraged to develop safety-conscious habits and learn to store away things properly after use and stay organized.

  • Tip: Focus on stairs, entrances, and pathways within and outside the home.

Install enough lighting – It is often seen that insufficient lighting is often the main reason behind falls and injuries. Thus, it is of utmost importance to install adequate lighting in every room so as to prevent any stumbling in the dark.

  • Tip: Focus on outdoor areas, hallways, staircases, bedrooms, and bathrooms

 Optimum safety for children and seniors  – For those living with children and elderly members in their homes must take extra precautions. It is essential to secure furniture to walls, set up safety gates, and keep any hazardous materials or substances out of reach of young children.

  • Tip: Focus on furniture items, hazardous substances, and choking hazards

For complete pet safety- If you have a pet dog, cat, or any other animal in your house, you must be extra careful. Consult your vet and pet-proof your hose to prevent any injuries. Have a pet first aid kit and know the contact of the local animal hotline.

  • Tip: Focus on pet training and always use a leash when outside

 Use well-secured rugs, carpets, and mats- One of the common reasons behind slips and falls are loose rugs and mats on the floor. Thus, use non-slip mats and secure any loose rugs in place with tape,  to minimize any risk of slipping.

  • Tip: Focus on high-traffic areas within the house for secure rugs and mats.

Safety in bathrooms – Slips and falls are common in bathrooms; therefore, it is a must to install bars in the bathrooms, especially in the bathtub and shower area, to prevent slips. Always place a non-slip mat in the tub and near the tub on the floor.

  • Tip: Focus on the bathtub and shower area.

 Avoid cooking-related injuries– As injuries and accidents are common in the kitchen or the BBQ area outside, it is essential to follow safe cooking practices. Keep away sharp objects such as knives and forks in a safe place. Never leave cooking unattended and be very careful to avoid accidental spills.

  • Tip: Focus on being extra attentive when cooking and use oven mitts when handling hot items

 Electrical and fire safety measures–  Get a professional to inspect all the electrical and fire safety points for complete safety. Educate the children about the risks and involve the elderly in the exercise. Replace any damaged or frayed electrical cords and avoid any practice of a fire escape plan with your family.

  • Tip: Focus on educating the children about the house’s fire and electric safety hazards.

Apart from the above-listed steps,  ensure that all handrails and fences in your house are in good condition and use appropriate storage solutions. Install safety nets on windows and balconies railings to prevent any accidents.


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