Maintaining Your Breast Implants for Optimal Health and Satisfaction


If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, surgery could offer an effective long-term solution. However, beware of certain common risks associated with breast augmentation surgery before proceeding with such a plan.

Proper care of your implants will extend their lifespan and give you the gorgeous feminine curves you desire.

Breast Implants

Breast implants can be used to increase or change a woman’s natural bust size, restore previous size after weight loss or pregnancy and for other purposes. Furthermore, implants can correct asymmetry while improving self-image or affirming gender identity.

Under surgery, a surgeon creates an opening in your areola (the darkened area surrounding your nipple) and inserts either a saline or silicone implant through it. He or she may use an endoscope – a tube equipped with camera technology and surgical tools at its tip – to move it into position; however, this method may increase your risk of capsular contracture.

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile saline through a port during surgery. Silicone gel implants feature a hard outer shell and may be pre-filled or installed empty; their round or teardrop-shaped bodies feature a textured surface to reduce risk of rotation, making them look natural when placed either atop or subglandularly beneath pectoral muscles.


At your surgery, your surgeon will create a pocket either behind or in front of the outer chest muscle (pectoral muscle). If you opt for silicone implants, your surgeon will insert them empty before filling them with sterile salt water – or alternatively you could purchase prefilled saline implants instead.

After closing the incisions, the surgeon will apply double-layered closure to reduce capsular contracture risk – which occurs when scar tissue hardens around an implant and hardens against it.

After surgery, you will require time and care for recovery. High-impact exercise that causes breasts to bounce may damage wounds or dislodge implants, so focus on low-impact exercises that target lower body instead. It is also advised to sleep with upper body elevated slightly for reduced swelling and pain reduction – wedge pillows or series of pillows may assist you in doing this.

Post-Operative Care

Postoperative care is essential to the success of any surgery. This involves managing pain effectively, identifying complications early, and encouraging healing and recovery.

Within the first several days after surgery, use a cold compress to minimize swelling and pain, taking as needed ibuprofen or acetaminophen to provide pain relief. Do not smoke or consume alcohol during this period.

By the end of week three, many women can resume lower impact activities like walking and light upper body workouts. Listen to your body when adding more strenuous activities; avoid activities which cause swelling, bruises or pain.

A nutritious diet and regular exercise will support connective tissues in your breasts and decrease sagging. Try to avoid rapid weight fluctuations as this can weaken skin elasticity. Wear a supportive bra daily so your implants stay supported and skin tightened down!


Not only should you keep up with follow-up appointments, but physical activities that affect the breast should also be avoided, such as running, jumping and lifting weights – these could cause your implants to shift and lead to serious complications.

Women with breast implants should avoid smoking as this can contribute to premature skin sagging. Smokers also are more likely to experience problems with their implants leaking or ruptured than nonsmokers.

Surgery techniques for breast implants have vastly advanced over the years. Implants today are typically placed under, rather than over, the pectoralis major chest muscle to reduce capsular contracture or tightening around them, while their soft surface helps avoid rotating and looking unnatural. Furthermore, FDA has approved safer gel for silicone implants which does not leak if ruptured; unlike older-style ones which could release harmful substances into your system.

After carefully considering the risks and benefits, you decide tо gо ahead with the breast implant operation. You feel confident that this will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted and boost your self-esteem.


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