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Nurses on the Top Skincare Products and Treatments They Swear By


Working in healthcare can be hard on your skin. Just ask anyone that handles patients, meds, and bodily fluids for a living. From cuts to tears and sore feet, there are so many ways the job can negatively affect the look and feel of your skin.

So, what is a nurse to do at the end of a long shift? Some skin products and treatments can cost a fortune, and lots of nurses don’t have the time (or money) to pamper themselves on their days off. We asked millions of nurses what they use when they’re on the mend and here’s what they recommend:

IcyHot and Biofreeze, I apply liberally about 20 times a day and my skin looks and feels great 😂.


I swear by Charisma SkinCare Products. Use them every time my skin acts up. Recommend their moisturizer and cleanser for sensitive skin. 🙂


The Ordinary and the Inkey list. Amazing quality, straight forward formulas, and amazing pricing. I have/had hormonal acne and the products literally cleared it up so well (along with a monthly facial). I also have a few M.A.D. Skincare and Perricone md items as well, but I really recommend the first two I mentioned for serums and such.


La Mer🌊! Nordstrom sells an $80, 0.5oz size. I use a little and mix it with plain Oil of Olay face lotion to make it last longer since it’s so expensive.


Retin-a at night, vitamin C serum in the morning, the Ordinary peeling solution twice a week.


As someone who left healthcare to get my license in esthetics… Korean skincare is absolutely amazing. My favorite brand right now is Corsx. But no matter what, it all boils down to the ingredient list so make sure you know what you’re putting on your face! ❤️


I have used $$$ ones like Dermalogica, Strictavin and many more. I find Cerve just as good and a lot more reasonable.


I have tried all sorts of washes, creams, curology, etc. I had the worst acne. Many appts to the dermatologist and tried Medicated retinol cream and Spironolactone. No improvement. I ended up trying Young Living Bloom set and it has been amazing! My face has cleared up and I break out so much less!


Red jar Oil of Olay, never ever use commercial soap on your face, they have detergent in them, too harsh. I buy an artisan handmade soap that I use morning and night, out of Charleston SC, it’s awesome.


Love the Obagi skincare line.


Monat skincare, I tried literally EVERYTHING and nothing cleared my skin until Monat.


Neutrogena hydro boost gel-cream extra dry. Been using for decades & my skin has never looked better. For nurses of a certain age. 😉


Good old Oil of Olay. My mother used it and so have I. I’ve used the very expensive stuff with no better results.


As an esthetician and a nurse, I do love Ordinary.


Body shop CBD skincare.


Anything by One Love. Skin savior is the best product of theirs. I love lab to beauty also. All natural ingredients.


Liquid ivory soap unscented and Vanicream. It’s all I’ve used for 20ish years, and I have great skins! Cheap, easy, and glorious!!!


Nivea for my face. I love it! People always say I have beautiful skin and I say it’s Nivea. Pretty good for almost 70 years!


Cleansing balm, lush cleansing bar, toner, roc vitamin c, another vitamin c with sunscreen, and retinol every evening.


Dream Cream from LUSH. have used for psoriasis eczema or patches of dry skin. It’s amazing and pretty much got rid of my elbow psoriasis.


Mary Kay. Time wise face wash and lotion. Easy and my sensitive skin likes it!


CosRX- specifically their snail serum. Seriously changed my skin.


I put Vicks on my hands and feet. After all the hand washing we do. It’s the best for my dry skin.


For my face I use a strict regimen of dog kisses QD and PRN.


Paula’s Choice-2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant and Rx Tretinoin.


3 Days off in a row, liberally. But since I’m turning 50 this month I’m going to try my hand at one of the Korean skin care lines and dabble with the 10 step routine to try staying forever young…😂😂



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