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“I Am Appalled” | Nurses React to Roe v. Wade Being Overturned


The U.S. Supreme Court effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark cases that guarantees a women’s right to an abortion, on Friday when it ruled on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case from Mississippi, which prohibits an abortion after 15 weeks. The decision has sweeping consequences for the rest of the nation. Almost half of all states are expected to ban abortion outright. It will also have a dramatic effect on the type of care nurses can provide. Some providers may face liability or punishment for helping their patients get an abortion in a state where it is no longer legal.

The ruling drew praise from abortion opponents and condemnation from pro-choice advocates. Nurses on all sides of the political aisle are weighing in on the decision as well. Here’s what they had to say:

I am just sick, livid, and appalled. While it’s not a choice I would have ever made for myself, I also believe every person should have dominion over their own body. What’s next, we start mandating sterilization of the poor? This is so scary. The government is starting to strip people of rights. They care about a woman ending ONE SINGLE POTENTIAL LIFE, yet they vehemently protect the right of a mentally ill young adult to end TWENTY-ONE innocent lives. This is just beyond comprehension.


Although abortion is not completely outlawed, it’s a great step in saving innocence lives.


It’s odd that so many nurses are against abortion rights. Even if you aren’t an OB nurse, as a healthcare provider you should know there are other reasons pregnancies are terminated. This is a scary thing for me as a women’s services nurse.


Poor women will suffer. Women who can afford it will continue to get safe abortions.


Our society once thought slavery was acceptable. It was legal. It’s wrong to take a life. This, like slavery, should never have been accepted by civilized society.


We just stepped back in time 50 or 60 years. It saddens me that a woman would choose an abortion, but I defend that right for her to choose. The same people who oppose abortion also fight against access to birth control. Do they even understand how babies are made? To force a woman who was raped or a child that was molested to carry a baby to term is traumatic after suffering trauma already and is ridiculous and cruel. So, here we go returning to back-alley abortions.


This is heartbreaking. More will die now from illegal abortion than safe abortions.


For those that are celebrating the overturning of Roe v. Wade, they don’t realize that this decision doesn’t just affect abortion, it can also affect fertility treatments. I had my daughter through IVF. Some states are banning abortion from conception. This means in some states, if they wanted to get really strict about it, they could ban IVF.


One step closer to A Handmaid’s Tale becoming reality.


Overdue. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on the abortion issue, Roe was a poorly decided legal ruling by an activist court with no constitutional basis.

This decision kicks it back to the states where it belongs (see the 10th amendment).


Absolutely deplorable and setting women’s rights back some 60 years because what a woman does with a clump of cells offends someone else’s RELIGION.


Let’s just move back a century. Will readily available and free birth control be available? Will every child have access to affordable preventative treatments and housing? And a quality education? Let’s fix the women’s and children’s health care issues, and abortion would not be the issue it is.


There was no need for it – the power remains in the hands of the state, as it should be. Nevertheless, there is no reason to kill babies…


I am beyond words for the stupidity. They overturn Roe v. Wade and pass that everyone can carry a gun! What to f*ck is wrong with these people???


If a woman’s right to choose is going to be restricted, then it is time that men are held accountable for indiscriminate breeding! Let’s pass laws that require vasectomy for any man who impregnates multiple women and fails to support the child/children. There’s a difference between pro-life and pro-birth… the conservative right wants to ban abortion but doesn’t want to pay for healthcare, shelter, food or education!


I wonder how long it will take for the people who wanted Roe v. Wade overturned to start complaining about all the babies being added to the welfare system.


Praise the Lord! Also, I’m adopted. I’ve been raped and had an unviable pregnancy

Victory for the unborn.


America has done more to protect the imaginary children yet to be thought of than the ones who are alive and in the system. If this was truly about the kids, we would have way more support for mothers and single parents to help raise kids. This is about controlling women based on beliefs in a patriarchal skygod.


I don’t understand the issue, the ruling essentially gives the states the ability to determine their stance on abortion. It’s not oppressing women. It’s decentralizing and giving people MORE freedom. How is that bad? Now, whatever side you’re on, you have options. I don’t understand how that’s bad? If you don’t agree with either side, you can go to another state or somewhere that better aligns with your beliefs or needs.

It’s allowing the states to choose where funding goes instead of mandating it. Decentralization is always good in my opinion. But I also recognize it’s not my place to judge or force anyone to do anything. That’s the beauty of the “freedom” of America. I respect your rights and opinions whether I agree or not, and there will still be options for you.


Consequential. Expect a lot of back-alley abortions in the future. I hope the people who are in favor of this are also in favor of mandatory vaccination. You can’t be anti-abortion while screaming, “My body, my choice,” on all things Covid. I see too much of that nonsense in my feed. It’s a double standard. You’re either for medical freedom or you aren’t. Personally, I’m anti-abortion. But I have some dear friends who have made that decision. Unless or until you’ve been in a circumstantial pregnancy, you wouldn’t be able to understand anyway.


These responses have been edited for length and clarity.


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