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Off-Duty Nurse Saves an Oklahoma Woman


Shyanne Brandon went above and beyond the call of duty when she saved a local woman’s life. Brandon, a nurse at INTEGRIS Health Miami Hospital, witnessed a near-drowning incident on July 11 while she was off-duty. She promptly began administering medical aid until emergency medical services arrived on the scene.

As food and beverage manager of the casinos, Pamela Satchell had checked-in employees and handed out t-shirts. After several hours in the hot July sun, she decided to go for a swim to cool off.

Brandon helped pull Satchell, who was unconcious, from the pool and immediately checked for a pulse. She rolled Satchell to her side allowing her to expel water while she continued life-saving measures until emergency medical services arrived to transport Satchell to the hospital.

“As I helped pull Pam out of the water, I did a quick scene check and realized I was the only one around that could help,” Brandon said. “My training with INTEGRIS Health prepared me, and God truly overcame me with a sense of calm and clarity.”

Brandon said she could hear people around her that were scared and worried.

“I stayed calm,” Brandon said. “I can only say God truly was with me at that moment.”

“Shyanne will always be my personal angel,” Satchell said. “What a blessing to have someone like her at the right place and time.”

“The only memory I have is going down the slide, landing in the water, and then feeling like I was pulled under,” Satchell said. “I came up and told the lifeguard I needed help. That is really all that I can remember.”

Brandon was honored for the life-saving measures she performed.

Satchell spent two days in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


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