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“Pick Wisely” | Nurses Go Off on the “Cool” Perks of Working in Healthcare


One nurse is going viral on TikTok for poking fun at the “cool” perks of working in the healthcare industry. An employee named Hardwell (@rthardwell) stitched together a sarcastic video showing off the perks, including uncomfortable chairs, expensive breakfasts, and broken sinks.

“For all you undecided out there, pick wisely lol,” the caption reads. The video already has over 3.9 million views.

The joke started in response to another TikToker that goes by the username @vivviey who posted about the perks of working in tech. She listed off some of the sweet pluses that come with the job, including a candy station, free breakfast, and views of the skyline.


#duet with @vivviey For all you undecided out there, pick wisely lol. #rt #nurse #healthcare #tech #analyst #developer #fyp #foryou

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Hardwell painted a clear contrast between working in tech vs working in healthcare. Thousands of nurses flooded the comments sections with stories about the perks they receive on the job.

“I get free snacks. They’re for the patients but I decided I deserve them,” one user said.

Others said the culture of medicine needs to change, so nurses are rewarded for their hard work.

We decided to ask our own community of nurses about the perks of the job and here’s what they said:

The relationships you gain by taking care of people and the satisfaction of helping others in what may be some of the happiest, or saddest, times in their lives. You must love people to love serving people (that doesn’t mean you like them all the time! 😅)


The camaraderie. And developing skills to not panic when 💩 hits the fan in real life.


You know what doctors you don’t want to be referred to!


Chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis, and a constant fear of retaliation from management thinking they will throw you under the bus the second something goes wrong (whether or not you actually had anything to do with it)?

Just to name a few…


Unhealthy coping mechanisms.


Ummmm, the best I can come up with is knowing when you personally need to go to the ER 🤣.


You get free pizza once a year and a dwindling sense of self-worth for a lifetime.


And on a sarcastic note:

Omg love the support from management, fair pay, opportunity to advance, flexible hours, and oh, most importantly, the fact that we always have a full team!! Go nursing!


Understaffed, overworked, underpaid, but they buy pizza to make up for all of it! Yay pizza…


You get to talk with other nurses about gross things at meals.


Seriously, it’s got to be the swollen ankles, feeling knackered, the vagueness following a long day… there are too many to mention. Depends on what you consider a perk!!


Developing a dark and twisted sense of humor. Also, working in public in pajamas. 😂


Having the education to advocate for yourself and your own personal medical needs.


Knowing who to avoid if you need emergency surgery.


Knowing which mental facility is the best for when you finally have a breakdown.


Feeling totally safe in the OR with friends taking care of you.


All of your coworkers have the same warped sense of humor as you do!


Let me open a bottle of wine and get back to you in a couple hours …🍷🤪


The clear tape is great. It’s very stretchy and I’ve used it to wrap presents at Christmas time. The paper tape is excellent to label leftovers before you freeze them. I’ve got to say it’s the tape.


The friendships made with co-workers 🥰.


The ability to see the humor in the worst of situations… just have to remember not to make those jokes with non-health care people 😱.


Crippling anxiety. Soul crushing realization that society is doomed. Plus, pizza parties!


Forced intermittent fasting.


Free pen obviously!


You can fart and no one will know it 😆.


If you get a paper cut, you always have a band aide nearby.


The family you create with your work mates, we are all there for each other’s ups & downs, we are a small country hospital 💕.


There are perks? When do they kick in?


Working with some amazing people who will always have your back, providers who care and support the team, and seeing patients get better 🙂 or helping a patient transition from this world to whatever it is they believe in 🙁.


Interacting with the public. Idk for some reason it’s like sampling society to me. Never know who you’re gonna meet or how similar or different they may be from you. That part is cool.


You always have the best stories at parties about what people put up their butts!!!



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