Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Students


Technology has become an integral part of our daily routine. We deal with it when talking over the phone, driving a car, watching TV, and listening to podcasts. Modern students cannot imagine their life without technology. Is such dependence dangerous? Advancedwriters essay writers online highlight all the positive and negative impacts of technology on a student’s life.

Social Interaction Pros and Cons

Technology has made our life simpler. Students can apply for a job remotely by sending a CV and talking to an employer via Skype or Zoom. Due to that, one can get several invitations to consider the best opportunities. Ill students can call group mates to ask about homework or ask to send copies of lectures. 

Nevertheless, the negative effects of technology are mind-blowing. Social media, smartphones, laptops, MP3, and various websites steal their attention daily. Instead of life communication, students prefer chatting on Facebook, WhatsUp, and other social media, using short abbreviations, emojis, GIFs, and pictures. Consequently, they lose their connection with reality and feel uncomfortable talking to people outside technological devices. 

Health Aspects Pros and Cons

Online chats, shopping, and collaboration are safer than real-life ones because students do not have to leave their apartments and contact with Covid patients. New technology helps learners get top-quality spectacles, digital devices, and various learning tools. These facts are beneficial effects of technology on students.

How many people read paper books instead of e-books? How many students write letters using paper and a pen instead of sending a text message? How many young people play active games outside instead of sitting on their smartphones or in front of their computers? Moreover, parents encourage them by buying expensive gamer chairs. Consequently, teens’ eyes hurt because they forget to blink, they get problems with their posture when playing computer games, and their health conditions get worse because of a lack of fresh air and physical activity. 

Benefits of Adaptation to New Realities

Finding a job that involves something other than technology is difficult. All students use computers or laptops at lessons to find helpful information, create projects, write assignments, and translate texts. Consequently, educators teach them to use the tools and develop technical skills that all employers demand. Finding the negative impacts of technology in this section is impossible because this is the only thing that lacks opposing sides. 

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Education

It is impossible to imagine education without technology. Besides the Internet and digital devices, modern universities implement VR and AR to let their students experiment, explore, and innovate safely. What are the effects of technology on education? 

The positive experience of technology use in education is the following.

  • It boosts a student’s creativity.
  • Technology helps learners and educators get the required information with a few clicks.
  • Learning becomes faster and more convenient.
  • Technology makes studies more attractive to learners because students adore everything connected to the Internet and digital devices.

The negative effects of technology on education for students include the following things.

  • They do not enjoy their college life because social interaction and studies are bound to the technological world.
  • Social media distracts from studies because of constant messaging, notifications, and new TikTok trends.
  • Students waste their time on videos and stories instead of reading, memorizing, and researching.
  • Interpersonal skills gradually degrade because writing a message is easier than calling someone. 

Technology has both a devastating and beneficial impact on education. So, students should control themselves so as not to let technology ruin their individuality and life. Moreover, Services For College Novel Writing help those who face writing difficulties and want to manage it fast and at a high level.

Easy and Safe Payment Options

Previously, one had to stay in a long line to pay bills. Some customers were lucky, while others could face problems with computer and system malfunctions. Moreover, one had to find free time from studies to visit the required organization. 

Today, despite several negative impacts of technology on education, a student benefits from excellent online payment options. Banks have developed secure platforms to enable their customers to pay for tuition, electricity, and other bills online. Students, who missed classes or want to learn extra courses, can also pay for such remotely. One just needs a couple of clicks to load the program, select the necessary services, and pay.


Consequently, technology gives many learning opportunities, but students have to control their time using it to avoid dependence and health risks. Moreover, socialization is crucial for people who want to succeed in the contemporary world.


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