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Top U.S. states to be a nurse in 2012

From the highest salaries to most favorable nurse-to-patient ratios, we found out which of your neighbors are living the good nursing life.

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20 mobile apps for nurses in 2012

From drugs to anatomy to conditions, there are apps to help you treat your patients better and keep reference materials easily accessible.

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RN wins contest with mobile app concept!

What kind of app would improve patient care? Here’s what Anna Wroble, RN, came up with — and the industry is loving it.

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How does your salary compare to nurses in the Southern U.S?

Find out what RNs, Nurse Managers and Nurse Practitioners are paid in the Southern United States in 2012.

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Why are there so many happy nurses in the Northeast?

Nurses have been telling us all week what makes them so happy. Find out why nurses in the Northeast are feeling good… | Jupiter Images | Getty Images

5 things that make coworkers click!

Find out why nurses are dropping the L-bomb and get the smart science on why you should be more…ahem…lovey-dovey.

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Study reports good news for nurse salaries!

A new study contains great news for nurse salaries! Get the scoop!