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The other side of the bed

I went to my grandmother’s bedside and experienced something new: I was the family member on the “other side” of being a healthcare professional. And I had no control over the situation.

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Is your relationship hurting your career?

Yes, you’d rather hang with your honey than take on another evening shift. But before your love life becomes a career killer, click into these five tips to test whether you’re making the right choices.

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Not enough time

I have not been on here blogging for a couple of weeks, I have been so busy I am going out of my mind.  I started my new job, which…

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Married to a non-nurse

How can life at home be for a person married to nurse?  I mean we sit around and talk about bodily functions, fluids and pretty disgusting stuff while we are…

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Finding work-life balance

It’s the Holy Grail of modern life. But finding a rewarding career that offers ample time at home can be difficult. Is nursing the answer?

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