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Health Quizzes for Nurses

The nurse’s snack calorie quiz

Does zucchini bread land on your list of daily vegetables? Is the peanut butter in a Reese’s cup your afternoon dose of protein? Find out how good you are at counting calories with these nurse-favorite break room treats and vending machine snacks.

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Quiz: portion distortion

Think you could answer what the calorie differences are between food served 20 years ago and food today? Find out the shocking difference!

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Allergy Quiz

Knowing the kind of allergy your patient (or YOU) suffers from can help you determine the right and wrong care and treatment ~ not to mention help you in identifying potential allergens right in the hospital!

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Flu IQ quiz

It’s that time of year again. Are you ready to answer a bevy of flu-related questions from your patients, family and friends? Test your smarts!

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Joint health assessment

Are you at risk for developing joint problems? Find out by taking this quick 10 question quiz which assesses the most common risk factors that contribute to rheumatoid arthritis and/or osteoarthritis.

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