12 factors that fuel a nurse’s burnout


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What are the the deadly dozen circumstances and characteristics that can lead to burnout and empathy fatigue? Check which statements ring true for you, and if you’re nodding at every statement on the list below, please seek support (or at the very least, do a little soul searching).

___ 1. Toxic supervisor and lack of colleague support

___ 2. Little fun at work or in life

___ 3. Only a fuzzy understanding of one’s own needs

___ 4. Lack of a professional process to turn create more competence and less anxiety

___ 5. Emotionally draining issues in one’s personal life

___ 6. An inability to say no to unreasonable requests

___ 7. Vicarious traumatization that takes an accumulated toll

___ 8. Personal relationships characterized by one-way caring (you give, everyone else takes)

___ 9. Constant perfectionism in work tasks

___ 10. Continual unresolved ambiguous professional losses

___ 11. A strong need to be needed

___ 12. Professional success defined solely by outward recognition or appreciation


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