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A cloudy forecast at work?

It’s an inside joke among nurses, really. Cloudy days mean that drama isn’t far behind. Here, my nurse curse follows me from Trauma to Recovery to the ICU.

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A nurse’s subconscious mind

There are just some things civilians will never understand – your brain just gets ‘re-wired’ after years of nursing. Here are 12 ways I’ve changed since I’ve become a nurse.

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When is a nurse not a nurse?

When are you not a nurse? When are you just you? When do you get to be unprofessional and just let loose? When is it your turn to live it up and go crazy?

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Is it just me?

So why is it when I’m NOT at work – work follows me home?? Do you hear EKG monitor alarms when you’re home, too?

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Sometimes being a nurse is a curse

When we get sick, not only do we postpone medical treatment, but we continue to work. We show up at work at half speed, hoping for the best, when in reality we’re not doing anyone any good. The guilt of calling off is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

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