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Vintage nurse postcards!

Here, a delightful gallery of vintage nurse postcards. Some are touching, some are shocking, all show the impact that nursing has had on society.

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5 awesome book bags for nursing students

It’s 2012 and we’re still using actual physical textbooks for nursing school? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. But don’t despair—we’ve found five excellent book bags to help you tote around all that dead wood!

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10 concept albums about hospitals

From indie to classic rock, these albums are full of songs you can belt out in the shower and relax to on your commute home from a long shift. One thing they all have in common – they’re inspired by you.

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Top 10 things wrecking your sleep

Working the night shift? Yup, that’s wrecking your sleep cycle! It should come as no surprise that during the night shift, when your internal clock is saying you should be asleep, you feel excessively tired, fatigued and less alert.

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Top 15 scrubs fashion blunders

One nurse’s hair was so long that a used bandage got caught in it. Seriously…don’t let that be you. Check out this hilarious DOs and DON’Ts guide and stay in style!

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