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Lists and Ideas for Nurses

Nurse bling: How to go from am to pm

Nurse bling: How to go from am to pm

These fun nursing finds are meant to help get you through the day, even when that day is far longer than it should be.

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The kind of stuff you just can’t make up…

We asked you to share some of your most outlandish “Did you just hear that?” moments. Read what your fellow nurses had to say!

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One less cup of joe—how to make victory yours

Cutting back on caffeine is no easy feat, so here are a few options to help you stay on track.

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5 pearls of wisdom nurses need to have

Here are five pieces of knowledge that every nurse should have.

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“If it makes you feel any better…”

Are you a brand-new nurse? Feeling totally overwhelmed? There is hope—it does get easier.

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10 fitness hacks for nurses to try

Try these 10 simple fitness tips from a fellow nurse that can help you improve your current level of health.

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5 ways for nurses to stress less during the holiday season

How do you cope with the holiday season? Here are five ways to make your outside-work (aka “real”) life as stress-free as possible.

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10 holiday gifts I would actually use

What should you get your coworker for the annual gift exchange? Here are 10 great ideas for gifts they can actually use.

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6 ways to deck the hospital halls this holiday season

Are you stuck on decorating ideas for your unit this holiday season? Check out these six humorous ideas.

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5 things that can lead to nurse burnout … and how to cope with them

Nurses burn out…and burn out often. Here are five ways to save your sanity.

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9 things for nurses to be thankful for

Nurses, here are some of the things we can all be grateful for this season.

Our cover model’s top 5 winter beauty secrets for nurses!

Our cover model’s top 5 winter beauty secrets for nurses!

Is winter weather starting to sap your glow? Utilize these 5 secrets from Marina Dedivanovic to battle the cold!

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7 nursing slang terms I really wish would catch on

What we need are some new slang terms to replace some of the old, tired ones. Here are seven contributions.

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Flu season factoids that shock even nurses!

Our quick, 30-second guide to avoiding the flu.

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5 little ways for nurses to relieve stress

Finding the time to relax can be tough, but as you know, it’s so important for your mental and physical health. So what’s a busy nurse to do? Try these five little stress-relievers!