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You know you’re a nurse when…


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Do you talk about wounds and drainage during a nice sit down dinner at a fancy restaurant? Yep, you’re a nurse. Read all 10 tell tale signs that you’re a nurse, as observed by contributor and RN supervisor, Michelle Lambert.

1. Your talk of wounds and drainage in a restaurant makes the people at the next table run for the door.

2. You replace words with medical abbreviations during conversations with family and friends.

3. Your kids think it’s normal to talk about BMs and other bodily functions in public.

4. You self-diagnose.

5. You go to work with a fever of 103.

6. Your father in-law feels free to describe bodily functions to you, including texture and color.

7. You know the full moon by the behaviors of the people around you.

8. All you watch on TV are medical shows.

9. Every abbreviation makes you think of medical terms.

10. Your 8-year-old tells all her friends about periods and puberty on the playground.

Contributed by Michelle Lambert, RN Supervisor

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