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Video: Inspiring nurse and patient duet

Video: Inspiring nurse and patient duet

Nurses are more than just nurses, and patients are more than just patients. When one of each comes together to perform “Amazing Grace” in this truly inspiring video, we’re reminded that it’s okay to embrace our passions, our personalities and all that makes […]

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The one thing no one really talks about

“There’s one thing I just can’t get used to: people who have never talked about death with their families and loved ones…”

Watch these adorable pediatric patients sing along to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”

Watch these adorable pediatric patients sing along to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”

Having a rough shift? We’re pretty sure this adorable video will turn your mood around in no time flat!

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“All Nurses Share the Same Struggles” – Did you read it?

Yes, nurses work in different specialties, but we face a lot of the same struggles every day, no matter what we’re treating.

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An ode to a nurse’s steering wheel

Many things are synonymous with nursing…but one of nursing’s unsung heroes is the steering wheel.

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“If it makes you feel any better…”

Are you a brand-new nurse? Feeling totally overwhelmed? There is hope—it does get easier.

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“High fives in healthcare—taking time to celebrate your victories”

“I encourage you to smile, be proud, and ask your co-worker for a high five (after a good hand-washing, of course) the next time you change a particularly challenging dressing…”

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What does it mean to be a “good nurse”?

“There’s something you feel when you see a good nurse care for their patients. There’s a heart knowledge that good nurses have that blows you away.”

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A tribute to my nursing heroes of 2014

A thank-you to all the wonderful nurses who make me proud to be a part of this profession.

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“The Healing Power of Kindness” – Did you read it?

Kindness heals…and now science has proven it.

Nurse creates clear surgical mask to improve communication with patients

More than 30 years ago, RN Jeanne Hahne came up with the idea for a clear surgical face mask. It may soon be coming to a hospital near you.

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“A Nurse’s Wish in Labor and Delivery” – Did you read it?

“This holiday season, my one wish is that every nurse knows their worth and that every patient knows theirs…”

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“Sometimes I hate my job”

“But not in the way you’d think. It’s not the hours or the pay or the poops. It’s how keenly and constantly aware I am of our precious, fragile lives.”

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10 things for nurses to be thankful for this holiday season

The hospital doesn’t have holiday hours. Illness and injury don’t take a holiday. But we still can be thankful, even when working over the holidays. Here’s why.

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“I wish I could cry with you, but I can’t”

“I talked to the doctor before he walked into the room. I know what he told you….”