10 best and worst nursing bosses

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by Jeff Hindenach

We’ve all had bosses that we’ve either loved or hated. The boss who helped you get that promotion, or the one who clipped her toenails at the nurse’s station.

Some help us advance our career, while others seem to hold us back. Different leadership styles can lead to different results for each nurse. But certain styles seem to be good or bad across the board, helping or hurting all employees with one fell swoop.

Check out these five worst and five best leadership styles.

The Hovercraft and the Know-It-All –>

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One Response to 10 best and worst nursing bosses

  1. wkiemle Caption Contest

    Unbelievably, I’ve had a manager that was a combination: Bully, Ghost, Know-It-All, Hovercraft. Imagine how difficult it was getting something accomplished there!!

    Everything had to be approved by this person. Nothing could be done unless they personally gave it their “USDA Seal-of-Approval.” Yet, they were. never. around! The emails were nasty, evil, berating and belittling.

    I am so glad I left that situation and returned to a prior situation. The manager I have now is superb. She has qualities of Enabler, Communicator, Captain. I am so glad I left the above evil and came back to this situation. I am learning something every single day and I like going to work.

    Above all else, I am no longer ill! The stress from Evil Nazi Dictator was actually causing physical symptoms. Symptoms that had my primary physician baffled and sending me to the local ED. These symptoms disappeared two weeks after I left that environment. Nothing like your health changing to open your eyes!