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20 Memes Every Nurse Can Relate To: A Prescription for Laughter


We believe that laughter is the best medicine – not just for patients, but for nurses too! 

In this post, we’ve compiled our top 20 favorite nurse memes that are sure to make you laugh. Whether you’re a seasoned nurse or just starting your career in healthcare, your job is rife with comedic potential. So grab a cup of coffee, take a break from your busy day, and get ready to laugh out loud at our collection of hilarious nurse memes!

When you finally start the IV on that difficult patient that had all the other nurses stumped.

When you see the next shift arriving after a long day and you’re just like, ‘Take them, they’re all yours!

When your favorite co-worker finds a new job and you realize you’ll have to work with the one who always steals your pens.

When your extra shift turns out to be a circus.

When you realize that you’re basically paying to work as a nurse.

When you’re just trying to enjoy your sandwich, but your co-worker won’t stop talking.

When you call a patient to follow up and they don’t pick up.

When you’re just trying to do your job, but the universe decides to test your patience with a ripped glove.

When you’re not easily grossed out because you’re a nurse and you’ve seen it all.

When you’ve been a nurse for 3 years but everyone thinks you’ve been in the game for 30.

When a patient is rude to you but then they need your help later.

When you’re a nurse and Monday just feels like a hangover from the weekend, but you still gotta put on your game face. 

When you’re a nurse and you have to remind yourself that you’re there for the patients, not the people.

When you find out who’s been stealing your pen and you can’t believe it’s your work BFF.

When the hospital refuses to hire anyone new and all the trouble falls on you and your one friend who hasn’t quit yet.

When you’ve been on your feet for 12 hours and all you can do is pray for some heavenly support to fly you away from this shift.

When you realize you’ve spent your entire shift charting and you still haven’t even started… pass the tissues and the coffee, please!

When you see your co-worker accomplish their morning routine with ease, while you struggle to hit the snooze button one more time.

When two nurses are arguing at the nursing station, and you just pretend to be busy so you don’t get caught in the crossfire.

When you just got the new schedule for next week and it’s already ruining your life.



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