A day in the life of a nursing student


Being a nursing student is quite an experience that only current and former nurslings understand. Here’s a look into one painfully tiring, yet completely routine, day.
Run to class because I woke up 48 seconds ago.

Running Nursing Student


First thing the professor says is they’re collecting an assignment that was due today, not mentioned once for the last seven weeks, that was one sentence of the syllabus.

John Stewart


Me when the professor begins to read 312 PowerPoint slides word for word.

Grumpy Cat


The professor finally passes back the 25-question test we took two weeks ago over 450 pages of material that I studied days and days for…and I got a 79.3%.

Samuel L. Jackson


Getting ready for clinical, lookin’ like a boss in my scrubs and stethoscope.

Snoop Dogg


Me and the other nursing students at clinicals.


When I actually knew the answers to the 12-question interrogation from my clinical instructor.

Fresh Prince - Will Smith Dancing


My clinical group when we see the nurse on the floor who likes to be mean to nursing students.

Friends hiding


Leaving clinical just to go study more.

Sad guy walking


Excited to eat dinner because it means I get a break from studying.

Winnie the Pooh - honey party


After studying until 0200

Sleepy Bunny at a computer

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