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About Guitar Girl RN

Guitar (and now bass)-playin' rock-and-roll emergency room RN. I pulled the trigger and now I have a public blog - Guitar Girl, RN. Scary.

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Take that! How I (kind of) defeated the nurse who is out to get me

There’s this clipboard nurse upstairs who has been trying to find ANY reason to “counsel” me.

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No angels here

One stereotype of nursing that bothers me is that of nurses as “angels of mercy.” We’re expected to be a “cool hand on a fevered brow” or a sweet smile in a time of difficulty, or a shoulder to cry on—every day, every minute, every hour.

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In memoriam

Sheila was born in 1934 on a small homestead farm on the plains of midwestern Canada.

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Different species, same cr*p

My visit to the vet was very amusing. It felt like being at work, except that I wasn’t!