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Do Nurses Want to Continue Their Education?


If you’re thinking about going back to school as a nurse, you’re not alone. Nurse practitioners and advanced practitioners are in high demand all over the country. Specializing or getting another degree can help you make more money for your time. But going back to school when you already have a full-time job isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The industry needs more NPs and specialized nurses, but many providers don’t have the support they need to continue their education.

We asked million of nurses whether they plan on going back to school and here’s what they said:

Passed my LPN NCLEX two months ago. Orienting on PCU right now. I start my RN bridge this coming summer. What makes me not want to go back, you say? PTSD 😂😂


Started my nursing degree this week. I’m 38, juggling kids and ill parents but it’s now or never. It’s will work…. somehow 🤣🤣.


I’ve been trying for the last decade…it’s quite the challenge to add studies to existing responsibilities.


Debt for only a few dollars an hour raise.


I’m 48 and finishing my MSN (started April 2021), on thesis writing now. Held myself for more than 20 years 😅. Being a single mom, I had to prioritize my kids’ education first. Hopefully next year, will proceed to PhD. Going back to school is the best decision I’ve ever made for my nursing career.


I’ve spent the last 3 years finishing my BSN and MSN and honestly, I only did the tuition reimbursement for my BSN. They only reimbursed $6000 of a $15000 program and want me to stay for 2 years. I told them I didn’t want to do the reimbursement for my master’s because it was not worth it to me. $6000 reimbursement will not keep me for another 2 years if I find something else.


Many nurses also said they have zero interest in going back to school. Here’s what’s holding them back:

At my institution, you don’t make more $ with a master’s degree unless you want to leave bedside nursing (which I don’t).


Balancing work, kids, and then to add school on top 🤯.


I’m happy where I’m at. I value my free time too much.


How do you go to school & work 80 plus hours to pay bills? That’s what I need to find out.


I’m getting old. I can’t see starting an NP program and paying off loans until I’m dead.


I’ve suffered enough already.


APA paper writing is for the birds. I’d rather be tested on knowledge.


Cost of school and the debt after.


I don’t need my MSN. I am tired!!!!!! Period!!!


Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and opinions online.


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