2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers


Play golf with a fun twist! Add some spice to your next round with Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers. This 107-card deck is full of challenges and fun cheat codes to make sure you and your friends have an unforgettable round. Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers includes five categories of cards, each containing a special prompt, action or rule that creates a unique challenge (or a helpful leg up) at each hole. “Sucks 4 U” cards will make the hole more challenging. “Attack” cards allow you to assign a challenge to another player. “Hell Yeah” cards are helpful. “Party” cards are good and bad and affect the entire group. “Hold On” cards are helpful cards that you can play throughout the round as needed. More than 25,000 games have been sold to golfers in more than 14 different countries. Available at https://badcardsforegoodgolfers.com/ and Amazon.


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