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MeatStick Mini


It’s the perfect item for those that love the newest high-tech toy, for the foodies that want to cook the perfect steak, and for those that cook in the kitchen that need another useful kitchen tool, it can even be used for outdoor cooking.


From $69.99-99.99, MeatStick Mini allows you to:

  • cook steakhouse quality steaks at home by making sure they aren’t overcooked
  • spend more time with friends and family instead of babysitting the chicken in the oven as the MeatStick Mini will let you know when it’s cooked perfectly.
  • become a chef by cooking perfectly cooked meats in all types of ways, from the oven, deep-fryer, air-fryer, or just on the stove.

We developed the MeatStick Mini from personal experience. At a dinner party with friends, we accidentally overcooked expensive steaks while we all were busy entertaining our guests. Now we have the MeatStick Mini, which guarantees the freedom for a perfect meal without all the hassle!


MeatStick Mini is available at TheMeatStick.com and Amazon.



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