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Since the dawn of fashion trends, women have had to sacrifice their health to reach beauty standards set by a society that simply never understood the struggle. Despite study after study revealing how damaging it is to use heat techniques and curling irons, consumers have had to settle for limited access to products that offer safer solutions.

Without two pennies to push together, founder and inventor Emily Kenison created RobeCurls to be not only an alternative to curling irons, but as a solution for a generation that is frustrated with damaged hair and techniques that are not inclusive to all hair types. With patent-pending H2-AIR technology, RobeCurls Curling Headband material offers antimicrobial properties that are quick drying to create flawless curls that last 5x longer. The technique makes it easy to wrap, wear, and rock on the go!

RobeCurls is environmentally focused and purpose driven to create a hair tool that redefines a new way of styling hair to welcome every hair type. The pillowy soft satin charmeuse fabric reduces breakage, calms frizz, and locks in moisture for healthier hair that lasts. While it may have started out as viral trend with #robecurls, the Curling Headband now has become a movement of the future where forward-thinking solutions are creating flawless curls for a new generation of fashion, beauty, and health.


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