2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The Scrub-Dub


The Scrub-Dub is a must-have gift this holiday season, and the perfect stocking stuffer. These compact body and scalp scrubbers offer the ultimate shower experience.The beauty tool features shampoo spikes on one side, ensuring a deep and thorough scalp massage, while the other side boasts body lather bristles for gentle yet effective exfoliation. The Scrub-Dub is crafted with premium, eco-conscious TPE, making it durable and easy to clean. It contains a non-toxic zinc based antimicrobial to protect the body scrubber against odor causing bacteria, mold and fungi. Made in the USA with the highest quality standards, our TPE scrubber is perfect for all skin types and offers an unparalleled shower experience. Available in an array of fun colors, and it is way cleaner than that loofah sitting in your shower. Available online at https://scrub-dub.com/.


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