2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Kiddietotes Scooter Luggage


Kiddietotes Scooter Luggage is a must-have for kids and families taking a trip around the world or an upcoming road trip, and they make the perfect holiday gift! These luggage pieces are TSA and IATA compliant and fit in overhead bins. The scooter deck folds up into the back of the luggage and can be pulled like traditional luggage with the handles extended. Kids will have so much fun riding this lightweight scooter luggage. The light-up LED wheels are smooth-rolling, and the luggage is made from waterproof plastic that won’t crack or lock up. In fun colors and styles like Robot, Space Boy, Unicorn and Race Car. 110-pound weight limit and recommended for children 4+. Available at https://kiddietotes.com/, Amazon, Walmart.com and Target.com.



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