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Is Personal Malpractice Insurance Worth It?


So, Why Aren’t More Nurses Buying Insurance?

One of the many fears nurses hold around the thought of going for malpractice insurance is that this might make them be more of a target for lawsuits. While it is not true that anyone can find out if you have insurance until the lawsuit has been filed, the one issue arising is that having insurance can make a target for attorneys.

Being kept in a lawsuit can become just a matter of exploiting a bit of that insurance you have. But this has nothing to do with whether you should have malpractice insurance or not. When judging whether it is the right decision for you, the only thing that should weigh in is the protection this insurance can offer you if a patient files a complaint.

Given that such a possibility comes with a lot of unforeseen costs and risks, it might as well be easier to buy insurance. After all, you can’t put a price on being able to sleep at night. For as great a nurse you can be and as clean your intentions and commitment to serving, one can truly never know if a patient will file a complaint against you. Remember, when people feel their health threatened they could easily lose their mind and run into defense mode: lawsuits. Look at your situation wisely and choose whatever you feel works best for you, but do not underestimate the potential of such a possibility happening to you.

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