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MA Nurse Practitioner Goes to Ukraine to Support the War Effort


As Ukrainian women and children flee their homes to escape the Russian invasion, one woman is leaving the comfort of her home in New England to join the war effort, hoping to serve her home country in any way she can.

Natalia Iantsevych, a nurse practitioner originally from Ukraine, is on her way to Logan International Airport in Boston to catch a flight to the border.

“I do feel like I want to be involved and that’s the right thing just to keep my sanity. At least that I’ve done something for the country and for the people,” she said Sunday.

As the sounds and images of war convulse through her homeland, her people have fled at a faster rate.

“I don’t think I will ever be able to accept this.”

She stated that she wishes to return to help soldiers and civilians in need. The day after Russian forces invaded Ukraine, she took a mental health leave from work. She knew she had to leave at that point.

“I believe that every Ukrainian needs to be involved in some way,” she said.

Her brown bags are stuffed with gauze, sutures, and various other medical supplies. It’s unclear whether it’ll be enough, given that she has no idea how long she’ll be gone. She’ll start working in a hospital, but she has no idea how long she’ll be there or where she’ll end up.

“Maybe a month, maybe three to four months, I don’t know. Depending on the circumstances there. Depends on the need,” she explained.

Her need now is to meet the needs of others in a war she will face on the other end of her flight.

“We all have to stand for Ukraine and freedom.”


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