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Man Walks Full Marathon Inside the Hospital While He’s Being Treated for Cancer


Jonathan Sams is showing the world how to stay positive in the face of a cancer diagnosis. He recently completed a marathon inside the hospital where he’s being treated. After being diagnosed with cancer for the third time in his life, the father of four walked a whopping 26.2 miles throughout UC Medical Center in Cincinnati in what he calls a “Marathon of Purpose.” He spent his time at the hospital going up and down the facility’s many hallways and atriums.

“One of the things I like to say is every day is an awesome day, it’s just up to me to live up to it,” Sams told a local news outlet. “So yeah, I want to encourage people through this.”

He was diagnosed with cancer twice before at ages 13 and 39. After completing his last treatment this week, Sams is finally cancer free – for a third time.

“This is my last treatment today,” he said after finishing chemotherapy. “I have literally just walked out of the office, had received my last infusion through the port.”

He wants to show other cancer patients there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“I’ve had cancer three times, and so I think I’m in a better position I think to help people think through it and to not be afraid, to think about where they’re going and not let cancer overcome me. Instead, I think it’s my job to overcome cancer. And, I think it’s all of our jobs to overcome whatever difficulty is going on in our lives,” Sams added.

He decided to complete a marathon to set a positive example for others going through a similar experience.

“We’re all going to have challenges. The question isn’t whether we’ll have a challenge or not, the question is how we’re are going to live up to that challenge,” Sams said.

“You know I walked a marathon in a day. Each one of you, you walk a marathon every day of your lives. And, I want you to make those lives worthwhile and I don’t want you to be afraid,” Sams said. “Whatever the obstacle, I want you to overcome it. I believe in you.”

One of his friends walked by his side to show his support, proving that no one walks alone.

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