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Nurse Resigns After Suggesting She Won’t Treat White Men Who Vote Conservative


Political tensions are boiling over across the U.S. now that the Supreme Court has eliminated a woman’s constitutional right to choose. One nurse recently took things too far when she wrote on social media that she would alter her care based on her patient’s political beliefs.

“I prescribe meds… I can also choose not to prescribe them. So… from now on… if you are a white male who votes conservative, your penis needs to ask God for the power to rise. No more Viagra,” the provider in question wrote on Twitter.

The post quickly went viral, and now they are out of a job.

“A Sarah Bush Lincoln Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), who posted a discriminatory message on social media over the weekend, has resigned,” the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health (SBLH) Center in Lincoln, Illinois, said in a statement to the public.

CEO Jerry Esker also responded to the incident.

“Our mission is to provide exceptional care to all. That means we provide care to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, income, national origin, cultural personal values, beliefs and preferences,” Esker said. “Our mission is women throughout our fabric and discriminatory practices are not tolerated. We are sorry this issue has caused such turmoil. We will continue to stand behind our mission and provide care to all.”

According to SBLH, the nurse apologized for the inflammatory remark but only after doubling down on her beliefs when the tweet started to raise concerns on social media.

“Bring it. I am allowed to prescribe based on need,” the nurse reportedly said shortly after her initial tweet began garnering attention online. “If you think God can provide, then why would I not allow for that? Conservative men rely on God to provide. I think that is a wonderful idea. Let us pray…”

She then issued the following apology:

“I am deeply sorry for my posts on social media. I allowed my personal feelings to spill out,” the nurse said. “Those hateful words are not aligned with how I have provided care to my patients. Sarah Bush Lincoln is a wonderful organization and my actions have tarnished its reputation. I have resigned and know my patients will be well cared for.”

Esker said he wanted to talk with the nurse before taking any action and that “everyone is entitled to due process.” He also said that he and the hospital appreciated the outpouring of concern after the nurse’s tweet went viral.

Banning Viagra?

Abortion has long been a controversial issue in the U.S. Many recent anti-abortion bills were signed into law by men. Some pro-choice advocates have sought to restrict access to Viagra to show men what it is like to have the government interfere with their reproductive care.

For example, a South Carolina lawmaker introduced a bill in 2016 that would’ve made men jump through the same administrative hoops to get Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs as women do to access abortion servoces.

The bill never saw the light of day, but if passed, any man seeking ED treatment would have to:

  • Make it through a 24-hour waiting period.
  • Submit a notarized affidavit from at least one sexual partner affirming that the patient has experienced symptoms of ED within the last 90 days.
  • Be examined by a state-licensed sexual therapist to make sure his ED isn’t “attributable solely to one or more psychological conditions.”
  • Attend three sessions of outpatient counseling within six months, “including sexual counseling and resources for patients to pursue celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.”

South Carolina state Rep. Mia McLeod, D-Columbia, who authored the bill, said she never thought it would pass, but “I really just want to broaden the discussion and get people thinking about and talking about some of the issues that women face who are seeking legal abortion services in this state.”

South Carolina now prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. The law went into effect just days after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade.

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