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Nurse Reveals She Makes $13K a Month Posting Photos of “Bendy” Thumbs


Who knew having “bendy” thumbs could be so profitable? Allie Rae, 38, a former neonatal ICU nurse in Boston, recently shared how much she makes from her side-hustle. Photos of her bendable thumbs are bringing in around $13,000 a month. Not bad for being opposable.

Rae was fired from her hospital job last year after her employer discovered her OnlyFans page. That’s when she decided to make online modeling her full-time gig.

“It didn’t take long for management to find out and give me an ultimatum, delete or leave. I chose to leave my job as a nurse and pursue my career in adult entertainment full time. Best call ever.”

Leaving the healthcare industry turned out to be the right decision after all.

“I quickly started making six figures monthly and reached over a million in my first year,” she said. Rae soon realized that some of her followers were particularly fond of her rare and bendable thumbs.

“The thumb stuff started last month. Some guy wrote to me because he saw how flexible my thumbs were on my [Instagram] stories and TikTok. He said he had a huge fetish for thumbs and mine were very rare and bendy,” she said.

Rae confessed she “didn’t know” her thumbs were considered a fetish, but she soon found herself inundated with requests from people that love to see a thumb in action.

“So, one of my fans is paying me thousands of dollars for pictures of my thumbs – no lie. Just my thumbs. I did some custom pics for him last month and made £4,000 right away and he was so happy with my pics that he ordered more,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

One person wrote that he loved her thumbs because one of his friend’s moms used to have similar thumbs and would often press them against the steering wheel.

“I started getting messages from other thumb lovers all over TikTok, and then made another $8,000 this month for [pictures] and videos of my thumbs on a steering wheel, driving, holding things, etc.,” Rae added.

Turns out the thumb business can be quite profitable.

“In the last 30 days I’ve made $13,000 off pictures of my thumbs,” she claimed. “It’s pretty crazy stuff, but I think it’s so fun.”

Rae said she’s received a few wild requests since starting her new business venture, including one from a man that wanted to pay her $20,000 for her teeth.

“He wanted molars and my two front teeth,” she recalled.

“He claimed he was a ‘tooth collector’ of many celebs and models, and was very particular about them being ‘professionally removed’ with care to not damage the teeth during the removal,” she explained.

Rae eventually rejected the request.

“I obviously declined,” Rae said. “But no joke, he was even going to pay for me to get false teeth put in after.”

Rae was surprised at how fast her OnlyFans page took offer after posting just a couple of photos.

“After that first month, month and a half, we easily cleared $8,000, it was kind of crazy,” she explained. “As a nurse I was making six, maybe seven grand a month, so it was real money.”

She now lives in Florida with her three children.

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