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Nursing Quiz to Test Your Medical Skills


Nurses are required to keep track of a lot of important information as it relates to individual health and wellness. From the latest infectious disease to proper sanitation and patient safety, every piece of information is crucial.

Nurses spend more time with patients than any other type of healthcare provider. They carry out doctor’s orders, check up on patients throughout the day, and make sure providers have accurate information when looking at the patient’s chart.

Keeping track of all this data can be exhausting, especially when you’re overworked and understaffed. Nurses may need to refresh their memory of this knowledge every few years to make sure they have the latest and most up to date information.

If you are a practicing nurse, use this nursing quiz to test your knowledge of basic medicine.

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Nursing Quiz to Test Your Medical Skills

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Which option is the best time to use an alcohol-based sanitizer?

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Why is taking a patient's temperature orally the most common way of doing it?

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Which of the following is epinephrine not used to treat?

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Which of these is considered Stage 4 of a decubitus ulcer?

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What is considered to be the standard fifth vital sign?

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If a resident is suffering from chest pains, do all of the following except which one?

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Which of the following patients is at greater risk of contracting an infection?

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Which field of nursing focuses on the utmost care of critically ill or unstable patients?

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What is palliative care?

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While preparing a sterile field for a dressing change, which of the following constitutes a break in the sterile technique?

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All of these help prevent pressure sores except which one?

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A nurse is caring for a patient with MRSA, so wearing a gown and gloves. When should they dispose of the gown and gloves to go care for another patient?

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How long should a nurse wait before taking a patient's temperature orally after they just finished a cold drink?

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How is the influenza vaccine administered?

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When doing documentation, which of the following qualities are relevant?

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To avoid a back injury, which muscles should a nurse use when moving a patient from the bed to a chair?

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Which nerve is compressed when carpal tunnel syndrome is present?

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What's the most accurate way of measuring core temperature?

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What is the normal resting heart rate for an adult?

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After receiving an antibiotic, a patient is developing hives. What are they experiencing?

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And finally, what are antiembolism stockings primarily used for?

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What is hypertension a medical term for?

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When should a nurse weigh a patient to obtain the most accurate weight?

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When is sterile technique used?

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What is the medical term for burping or passing gas?

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Which of the following statements is incorrect with regard to wearing gloves?

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Before a blood transfusion, what blood tests should be done?

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Which of these is not a sign of impending death?

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Which of the following is not a good source for Vitamin A?

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A 2-month-old just had cleft lip repair done. What type of restraint would you put them in?

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A patient is to have 240 milliliters of juice every 2 hours. Which of these is best to meet that requirement?

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What is the last step in making a bed?

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What are Korotkoff sounds?

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Which of the following would be the best option to decrease swelling?

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