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What Being A Male Nurse Is NOT

What Being A Male Nurse Is NOT

Public opinion is generally not in sync with reality when it comes to the world of nursing. Male nurse stereotypes? I’ve heard ’em all.

How To Survive Nursing School: 10 Essential Tips

How To Survive Nursing School: 10 Essential Tips

Sit in the front of the class. Make sure your instructors know you. And ask questions!

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Do “new nurses” scare you, too?

I’m finding more and more ‘newer’ nurses who think they know everything. And I cannot shake the feeling that the ‘newer’ nurses scare me just a little.

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How Pets Save Lives

You’ve heard the stories of pets that save their owners’ lives. Can dogs really detect cancer? Can cats sense impending death?

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The #1 stressful thing about being a nurse

What is the one thing we nurses pride ourselves on? Or better yet, what is the one characteristic of all nurses that is virtually required to survive and succeed in this profession?

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Male nurses and the doctor’s favorite myth

So, do doctors treat a male nurse differently than a female nurse?

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I don’t want a male nurse taking care of me

It’s their care, not mine. It’s their choice, not mine. In the end, we are their advocate. Even if that means stepping aside.

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Would you show up to work in a disaster?

Who will actually show up when a disaster occurs? And if staff nurses are unwilling or unable to fill a sudden critical need, what then?

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15 CRAZY minutes in my workday. How does yours compare?

A blow-by-blow look at one of “those” days in the ICU. Ever had one of these?

Top 10 ways to spot the “old school” nurse

Top 10 ways to spot the “old school” nurse

Certain things are true about nurses who’ve been in the profession for, well, a while.

Time Management Skills Tips For Nurses

Nurse Mendoza says… Time management is the most important skill you can have in this nursing field whether you are working in the medsurg, tele, L&D, PACU or in the Critical Units. I just break down some important tips and […]

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Latest male nurse myth

I think we’ve driven the male nurse urban legend into the ground with all the common myths out there, but this one blindsided me…

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Male nurse intro course 101

To all those men out there who are taking the greatest leap of their lives, here are some basics on how to survive this wonderful ride of a career we call nursing.



Article originally posted on the Katie Duke blog ___ Years of working in the Emergency Room will give you great ability to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s a prized survival skill we learn all too well while working in the […]