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Win $100,000 in Goodies Courtesy of Careismatic Brands for Nurses’ Week 2023


Love getting free scrubs!? Then we have the competition of the century for you. Careismatic Brands, the world’s largest maker of medical apparel, is giving away $100,000 in free scrubs for Nurses’ Week 2023.

Some 250 winners will each receive a new set of scrubs every month from June to December 2023. It’s the best way to treat yourself after a long few years, and your coworkers will be blown away by your new flair for style. The competition opens on May 1st and runs until midnight on May 26, so be sure to enter your name online before then.

Careismatic Brands never go out of fashion. The company makes and sells state-of-the-art scrubs under some of the most popular brand names in the industry, including Infinity, AllHeart, Cherokee Uniforms, Medelita, Healing Hands, Dickies, and Tooniforms for those who work with young kids. You won’t find boxy, oversized uniforms here.

Each brand is devoted to crafting durable, tailored scrubs using high-quality ultra-stretchy materials to help you look and feel your best on the job. All their uniforms come in a range of sizes and styles, including XXS to XXXL, so you can get exactly what you need delivered to your door. We’re talking maximum comfort, like never-wanting-to-take-your-scrubs-off comfort. The fabric contours to your unique size and shape to give you that “Let’s Do This” feeling.

What you wear can also affect your performance on the job. Getting new scrubs can give you the edge you need to be your facility’s next superstar. That means moving around freely without snagging your uniform on sharp objects or tripping on excess fabric. We all know how annoying it is to walk around in scrubs that don’t fit. It can also increase the risk of slips and falls. You should also dress for the job you want. Every time you look in the mirror you’ll see a nurse who’s ready to take on the next chapter of their career. 

Give those tired scrubs a rest and let Carismatic Brands update your work wardrobe for you. It only takes a few seconds to fill out the sweepstakes form. They just need your name, email address, phone number, profession, gender, age, and preferred brand of scrubs.  

As the owner of Scrubs Mag, Careismatic Brands believes in giving back to the brave nurses who spend their lives taking care of others. You have helped make this company what it is today, and holding an annual sweepstakes is just Careistmatic’s way of saying thank you for all your support over the years. 

Sign up for the Nurses’ Week 2023 Mystery Scrubs Giveaway today to win over $100,000 in prizes that will elevate your style in and out of work, because you’re more than worth it. 

This article and promotion is sponsored by Careismatic Brands, Inc. 


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