10 more of the worst scrubs fashion blunders you’ve ever seen!

Digital Vision | iStockphoto | ThinkStock

Digital Vision | iStockphoto | ThinkStock

Scrubs: They’re easy to wear, comfortable and come in about every color and print you could possibly imagine. All good things! But with that easy wearability comes some… err… interesting (and, okay, very funny) fashion moments.

We asked our Funny Nurses Facebook fans for the worst scrubs fashion blunders they’ve ever seen…check out their hilarious “oops” moments below! (Special thanks to the brave souls who were willing to call out their own fashion blunders in the name of honesty!)

1. My favorite collegiate team’s colors are black and orange. My mother once surprised me with a pair of homemade bright orange scrubs. I looked like I escaped from the local prison!!!
Cathy Milligan 

2.  Sometimes butt crack is inevitable. Most of us can understand that. But when you’re walking down the hall…NOT bending over…and I still see half your crack, it’s time to go up a size in your scrubs.
Alivia Eyre

3. I worked on postpartum and we had to wear scrubs with snaps all the way down. I was entering a patient’s room and the door handle caught my top and opened the whole thing when I walked in. Her husband just stood there with his mouth open and so did I! I hurriedly grabbed my top and exited the room. I was so embarrassed I had another nurse go in for me–I would not go back for in the rest of the night!
Melanie Krenek

4.  I actually once had a set of camouflage scrubs. Tops AND bottoms. I looked ridiculous (IF you could SEE ME, LOL).
Marcia Hanna

5. People who tuck their scrubs tops into their pants.
Jean Lynam Kepple

6. A male nurse not wearing underwear under his scrubs! Let’s just say nothing was left to the imagination…I had a very awkward shift! LOL
LaToya Brooks 

7. My friend always gives me the scrubs that she doesn’t wear anymore and a couple of years ago, she gave me this hideous scrub top that had FLAMINGOS on it. Not just one, but the whole print was flamingos! I asked her what the heck she had it for and she didn’t miss a beat and said, “It’s for Hawaiian day.” If they ever have it, then I had the shirt! Needless to say, I never wore it.
Bianca Frazier

8. Saw a tech whose scrubs were wrinkled and covered (and I do mean covered) in pet hair. Came in to the elevator one morning when I was on the way to clinical. How sanitary could that be?
Mindy Capps Fichtenmayer

9. I always carry an extra pair of scrubs in my car in case of an accident. One day that accident happened…I was wearing purple scrubs and didn’t care what color my undies were. Well, my extra scrubs were white…so I went through the day with everyone seeing my bright green boxers that said “I love boys” in big black letters!
Stephanie Eva Morphyades

10. The butt seam that just won’t stretch anymore. It’s pretty bad when you break through the first set of stitching and are working on the incredibly obvious holes that grow with each shift!
— Corbie Hadley 

What’s the worst scrubs fashion blunder you’ve ever seen? Don’t forget to check out more of the worst blunders here and here!



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5 Responses to 10 more of the worst scrubs fashion blunders you’ve ever seen!

  1. smwheatleyRN

    I was in er triage and this lady came running in with a baby over her shoulder covered with a huge blanket screaming “my baby my baby” I quickly assessed the baby for breathing and all the life threatening things. It was early morning and we had rooms open so I took her back for bedside triage since the baby’s temp was supposedly “107.9” lol I quickly asked the mother how she took the temp she replied “pos I turned on the oven put my hand inside and touched baby with the other…they were the same” it was all I could do not to die laughing. Rectal temp 98.4. Thank goodness another nurse was in there Bc I wonder if anyone would have believed that lol

  2. OnceanRN

    Back in the day (1954) when scrubs were strictly for doctors and verboten for nurses, I was a new RN working in the Catholic hospital in Philadelphia, where I had trained. In August, a new order of nuns took over the management of the hospital and decided to change the crucifixes in every room in the hospital. The old ones were beautiful but very large, almost as tall as I am. I asked the supervisor if I could have one of the old ones as a memento of the old hospital. She said it would be OK.
    Later that day, a patient pulled out his IV and blood spattered everywhere, mostly on my all-white uniform from neck to hem. When I left at 3:30, I grabbed the crucifix from the nurses’ station and hurried home. It wasn’t until I got onto the subway and every eye turned to me that I realized I must have looked like a character in a passion play. Instead of being properly mortified, I burst into laughter and said to my fellow passengers, “You just wouldn’t believe the day I just had.” I still laugh when I remember their reaction.

  3. char36

    The dreaded drawstring I was walking down the hall not knowing my pants had fallen down
    To my knees. And of course there’s the wear you pants backwards look I didn’t know until someone said something, by then the shift was almost over and pointless to turn them around thank goodness I work 3rd shift

  4. We had those snap-top scrubs in nursing school. I learned very early on that at least some form of undershirt was an absolute must!

  5. hotrod41

    I my day, there was very strict dress code. That did not prevent one of the floor nurses from wearing purple underwear under a white uniform. The supervisor make her wear a hospital gown over it.!