10 more things nurses wish their patients knew

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When we published “14 things I wish my patients knew!” we knew you’d have some additions for our list. And you certainly had some great ones!

Below, find 10 funny entries from nurses on our Facebook page. These certainly weren’t all of the great thoughts you had, so also be sure to peruse the rest of the list. We know you’ll have some of your own to add, as well!

10 more things nurses wish their patients knew

1. Oh NO we are not just sitting “playing on the computer,” we are charting every detail of your mental, physical and emotional well-being over and over and over.
–Shari Crow

2. It’s not me hurting you…it’s the needle.
–Kasie Mahan

3. No, you didn’t wake me up. I do not sleep during my night shift.
–Denise Marie

4. This is a hospital, not a hotel. I am not here to get visitors food or drink or blankets. Please, visitors, keep your shoes on, stay off the bed, and no, I don’t have anything for your headache.
–Marian Bellah

5. Your pain is not a 12 if you are snoring or I have to wake you up to ask.
–Michele Holliday

6. Doctors don’t make rounds on a specific schedule at the hospital.
–Andrea Webb

7. We don’t get paid nearly as much as you think and most of us are underpaid!
–Sheryl Jones-Baker

8. No, you cannot have morphine for your headache.
–Maddison Ballard

9. You are not the only person I am taking care of tonight.
–Linda M Bennett

10. Yes, I’m married. Yes, I’m married happily. Yes, that nurse is married as well, happily. This is not a dating service.
–Barbara Reed Hunter

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3 Responses to 10 more things nurses wish their patients knew

  1. Knoel

    Can we add to the visitor one…no I’m not here to treat you as well, if you’re not in a gown don’t ask me to take your BP.

  2. Duffynurse1956

    Marian Bellah; Even while my mother was dying in the hospital, she stll cared more about her family than she did herself. Many times over she thanked a nurse for making her family comfortable. Up until the end, she watched over us and made sure we had everything we needed. And yes, that was getting us a box of kleenex to catch our tears, that meant the wonderful nurse giving a glass of water to an intolerant two year old, and giving a blanket to her sister who was also frail and soon to be at deaths door. She got two chairs for my other Aunt who had just broken a leg but wanted to be with Mom. I want to tell you that a GOOD nurse takes care of the family too. I hope you open your heart. Patients require total care – that includes family. God bless you.

  3. cinnybug LPN

    Replacing your hearing aid batteries is not as important as sending a person to the hospital so please do not continue to demand over and over again that I replace them immediately.