10 things only CNAs understand

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Hemera | ThinkStock + Scrubs

Do you dream about call lights going off?

Are you used to expecting the unexpected on the job…including, err, less-than-pleasant “surprises”?

CNAs, we feel your pain! So we asked our Facebook fan CNAs for the little things about life on the job that only their fellow CNAs would “get”…get read to laugh and nod your head in agreement at their responses!

1. When you buy really nice body wash and lotion for your patients because the hospital brands aren’t good and you want your patients smelling nice!
Brandy Luker Sartor 

2. The haunting echo of call lights in my nightmares, LOL!
Mandy Smith

3. The fact that nurses feel stressed out with a maximum of seven patients while one aide/CNA can have anything up to 21 or more if they are the only one on shift at the time!
Jim Bradley 

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10 Responses to 10 things only CNAs understand

  1. justhavefaith

    When you are short staffed and the nurses along with your dns tell you well make the best of it and hurry up its almost breakfast time and dont forget to get your showers done.so you go as fast as your little feet can go and at the end of your shift the only one who says thank you amd bless your heart is a visitor.

    • Elizabeth Dupuis

      Yes! Or when they say “Well, make time!”

  2. JanMarie52

    I can relate to all 10 Things only CNA’s understand. We do a job that the majority of people could not do for 1 day. Be PROUD fellow CNA’s

  3. CyndyC

    I absolutely respect and appreciate all the the work the CNAs do on my unit! We are a team, and my job could not get done if they weren’t there doing theirs!

  4. reutzelr

    I worked as a CNA for 13 years before I became an RN. I can relate to all of these. Except #3. I don’t think a lot of CNAs realize what a nurses job is and what we are responsible for. 7 patients is a lot to do assessments, look at labs, follow up with Doc, and family. Not to mention interventions and medications, and making aure the aids are doing there job appropriately. After all they are working under my license!There are days when I think about how easy my job was as a CNA. I love my CNAs. They work hard, and are trustworthy.

    • dawnb75

      I have seen nurses at the busiest, but 99% i have seen nurses play on their phones, look on the Internet 4 at a time, lights going off alarms going off we are busy and all they can do is yell out go get that! I hear a nurse ask another nurse do you need help? but never ask an aide if they need help. I have worked with the laziest nurses ever there is absolutely NO TEAM WORK when it comes to nurses! They get that title and now they are too proud to get their hands dirty. So when i see a nurse do nothing that makes me think well why do they have 2 other nurses per 21 residents on Medicare wing when they aren’t busy???? so NOT busy they can’t help an aide with any assistance! I am over nurses saying that their job is so much more important and busier! Without CNA’S nurses couldn’t do their jobs!

      • Elizabeth519

        As a nursing home nurse I had 30 residents – aides typically had around 8 residents. We were ALL busy. But, aides go home at 10pm, and I can tell you I did ONCE. ONE TIME and I left stuff undone, which per the DON was ok because I was coming back the next day at 6 am to work a double. I quite frankly did not have time to help and it was something I felt bad about. However, if I am there every night until midnight doing my work (and stuff I found the day nurse wasn’t doing!) – when could I help the aides. I did however bring them cookies every Monday!

  5. Elizabeth Dupuis

    Or when your resident is competely cleaned and showered and they have a blow out….5 min before your supposed to do your last rounds with out help.

  6. jobad

    Your patient calls out asking to go back to bed.
    Me: “Would you like to use the bedside commode before you get in to bed?.
    Patient: “No I don’t have to go”.
    Get pt snuggled in the bed, covers perfect, call light in their hand.
    Patient: “I need to use the bathroom “…..

  7. thor469

    A good c.n.a. is worth his or her weight in gold. I make it a point to try and thank them every day. We need as R.N’s need to stand with our C.N.A.’s to see that management knows they are a very important in the care of pts. thank you to all of you, I believe that you put the heart in health care :)